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Watch Systems support local businesses with Temperature Camera technology.

It probably goes without saying that every business up and down the country is struggling in one way or another with the unprecedented times we’re facing with COVID-19. It’s a unique challenge that no one has ever had to contend with before, so, it’s no surprise that many business owners are feeling a certain level of anxiety about when they can get their workforce back to work whilst still keeping the health and wellbeing of both the team and members of the public at the forefront of their mind.


Temperature Cameras are a great way to mitigate the risks of reopening your business, using tried and tested technology these handy bits of kits will automatically scan everyone’s temperature as they enter your business, an alarm will be raised a high temperature is recorded, suggesting that person may be suffering from a fever. This then gives you the opportunity to either ask that member of the team to self-isolate or possibly change their working day to from home.

While only a few places in the UK have already harnessed the power of Temperature Cameras, it’s set to be the norm in the weeks and months to ahead as business owners plan to bring their staff back to work. We have already seen some areas of the world using this technology with great success. Singapore, for example, have used Temperature Cameras at the entrance & exits of residential apartments, offices & shops, this has seen one of the lowest death rates anywhere in the world whilst still allowing fit and healthy people to continue with their daily lives and keeping the economy moving.


Watch Systems are very excited to be working with Hikvision to supply and fit Temperature Cameras to businesses throughout the Midlands area, this is a unique opportunity for us to help reduce the spread of Corona Virus and allow businesses to get back to normal once again.

If you would like more information on how a Temperature Camera can help your business, please fill in your details via the form
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