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Watch Systems Ltd often get asked for advice on how to reduce the risk of a break in.

There's several ways to make your home secure and safer. 

We developed a home security self-assessment questionnaire to help you evaluate the safety of your home. 

We have covered the basic topics you should evaluate, including:

- Locks

- Lighting

- Intruder Alarms

- Video Surveillance Security (CCTV)

- Protection of Contents

This is not an exhaustive assessment, it's to be used as a quick check to see if basic measures are in place. 

Watch Systems Ltd are the security provider to Calthorpe Estates.

We offer a free, no obligation assessment of your home and can recommend solutions to suit your circumstances and your budget, please don't hesitate to contact us.

For a free security risk assessment, please contact us.
We will be more than happy to talk through any enquiries you have.
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