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Cloud CCTV Surveillance – A thing of the future?

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You can now modernise your video surveillance while potentially erasing the need for complex and costly storage hardware on premises.

Cloud CCTV surveillance is accessible, secure and easy to use, allowing you to manage stored recordings from your installed cameras from anywhere you are.

What is Cloud CCTV Surveillance?

When businesses have an IP Camera installed, the IP (internet Protocol) can convert the information the camera picks up into data that is easily read by the internet. The IP Camera sends a signal to your broadband router at which point the video and audio that’s captured by the camera Is securely uploaded to the cloud solution servers.

Your video surveillance is then accessible from any device which is connected to the internet, whether this be your desktop, laptop PC, iPad or Mobile Phone allowing you to log in and manage your cameras from one simple place.

What are the benefits of Cloud CCTV Surveillance?

Cloud CCTV surveillance gives enhanced visibility, strengthened security and flexible access.

  1. More Storage

Often when trying to go back and look for a certain incident that happens on your security tapes, you find the relevant information overwritten. The cloud can help to diminish that issue, as it can store more data, and can often retain up to 90 days of information instead of the standard 28 days.

  1. Accessed Anywhere

Cloud surveillance systems can be accessed from anywhere. Any time you need to check in you can.

  1. Increased Stability

A cloud solution is always monitored for stability and has numerous amount of systems to ensure the cameras are always active and recording. Even in a disaster such as a fire or a flood, when the NVR & Hard drive is on site you are likely to lose data but because the cloud service is elsewhere, your data will not be affected.

For advice and more information on Cloud CCTV Surveillance please do not hesitate to contact Watch Systems Limited here.

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