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Securing Your Business: Exploring the World of Intruder Alarm Systems - Devices (1)

An effective Intruder Alarm can protect your business premises and assets from unauthorised access and theft. We have assorted two blogs in order to helps you decide which intruder alarm is right for your business. The first blog focus on different types of devices you may encounter in intruder alarm systems.

Devices in intruder alarm system

Types of Detection Devices - Movement Detections for Intruder Alarms

Passive Infra-Red (PIR) Detector
  • Commonly used indoors in non-harsh environments.

  • Mounted on walls or corners at a height of 1.8-2.5m.

  • Detects movement across 'hot' and 'cold' areas split by a lens.

PIR detector

Quad Element PIRs
  • Similar to standard PIRs but with four zones to reduce false alarms.

Quad element PIR

Dual Technology PIR/Microwave
  • Combines PIR and Microwave detectors; both must be triggered for an alarm.

Dual technology PIR/ microwave

Types of Detection Devices - Physical Detection for Intruder Alarms

Break Glass Detectors
  • Activated by the sound of breaking specific types of glass.

Break glass detector

Vibration Detectors
  • Detects vibrations from forced openings like doors or windows.

Vibration detector

Door Contacts
  • Triggers when doors or openings are accessed while the system is armed.

Door contact

Roller Shutter Door Contacts
  • Designed to help secure steel roller shutter doors & windows

Roller shutter door contact

Other Devices

Intruder Alarm System Control Panel
  • The entire intruder alarm system is controlled centrally, where information from the sensors is continuously gathered.

  • The opening of a window or door, or an unexpected movement within the building, will interrupt the flow of information from the sensor to the control panel and trigger the alarm countdown.

Intruder alarm system control panel

Remote Keypads
  • Used to arm and disarm the system near entry/exit points.

  • They provide system status information and are operated by entering a code or presenting a proximity tag.

Remote keypad

Panic Buttons
  • Double-push panic buttons are installed in locations where immediate assistance, such as police intervention, may be required.

  • They instantly signal the Alarm Receiving Centre to summon the authorities in case of emergency.

Panic button

Internal Speaker-Sounder
  • Provides entry/ exit tones and high-pitched alarm sounds in case of activation.

Internal speaker-sounder

External Sounder
  • The external sounder features tamper devices and a backup battery.


External sounder

We welcome discussion on which devices best suit your business needs.


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