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Is It Enough Just To Have CCTV?

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Businesses are far too often the target of crimes, especially buildings and warehouses left vacant throughout the night, so it is essential to ensure the security of your business premises.

When implementing security measures, you need to have a goal of what you are trying to achieve. Your aims should be to reduce the risk of a criminal being able to carry out the crime, to increase the risk that they will be caught.

A lot of businesses assume CCTV is enough to protect their premises, but there are several practices you should put in place in order to prevent the potential threat of crime.

Watch Systems Ltd will always carry out a full security risk-based survey of the premises, to identify any vulnerable areas of the establishment then recommend security solutions best suited to your business.

Most thieves tend to attempt to commit a crime at night when the premise is vacant, so it is essential to consider what external features will be like when it is dark.

  • Is the building adequately lit?

  • Are the entry points securely lockable and protected?

  • Where are your valuable pieces of equipment and cash stored within the premises?

Installing the best security solutions for your business

Once Watch Systems Ltd have highlighted the most susceptible areas on your premises and have identified which areas need high levels of security, we then can tailor the most ideal system suited to your requirements and your budget. Our aim is to ensure the longevity in the protection of your assets.

Even once security measures are in place, it is good practice to carry our spot-checks to ensure the security on your establishment, and to enable you to recognise further potential risks.

Here at Watch Systems Ltd, we install and maintain IP CCTV, Integrated Security Systems, Intruder Alarms, Access control and bespoke maintenance packages for your business.

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