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Do Churches & Places of Worship need Security Systems in place?

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Churches and places of worship welcome people in with open arms but this could put them at the greatest risk of criminal damage and leave them vulnerable with an individual with malicious intentions.

Each church and place of worship is individual to one another and each have their own unique challenges and there are many provisions to consider. One security solution does not fit all with churches and places of worship as the age, size, design of the building and even location makes a huge difference to the type of protocols you put in place.

To help mitigate against previous, current or future security risks, Watch Systems Limited suggest assessing the following:

  1. A security assessment of the church or place of worship by an experienced security consultant. Watch Systems Limited are highly experienced in assessing and implementing an action plan. Check the following areas that can be at the highest risk within churches and places of worship:

  • Boundary Security: is there a defined exterior boundary? Is there any natural surveillance? Is the lighting outside sufficient? Is there access to the external boundary?

  • Building Shell Security: Do the doors provide adequate security? Is there easy access to the roof that could provide access to the building? One risk often overlooked is the lead roofing – Watch Systems Limited have designed and installed monitored systems to protect roofs for this type of incident.

  • Electronic Security:Does the premises have CCTV system that meets industry standards? Is there a maintenance agreement? Is it monitored? Does the premises have a fully functioning Intruder Alarm system that meets industry standards? Is it monitored?

  • Occupant safety:Are there any panic buttons/personal alarms in pace? Should there be a safe room?

Being proactive and seeking out recommendations from a security professional are the best way to ensure the church or place of worship is protected.

Please do not hesitate to contact Watch Systems Ltd for a free security risk assessment of your premises, we will be more than happy to talk through any queries or worries you may have.

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