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Car Park Management – The Importance Of Effective Signage

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Effective signs are one of the most important areas for a successful car park management scheme. Effective signs mean corrective usage, a decrease in problems and an increase in revenue.

Did you know all parking signs within the UK on private land should follow the code of practice laid out by an accredited association such as British Parking Association?

Watch Systems Limited have 5 top tips to consider when designing signs on private car parks.

  1. Signs should be clear and transparent

All signage should be clear and to the point. It needs to list fundamental facts as effectively as possible. You should include opening times, charges and restrictions.

You may have different restrictions at different times – these all need to be displayed too.

Good signage will include clear directions of where the nearest pay & display machine is or how to pay by phone.

  1. You must establish restricted areas and dedicated spaces

The sign needs to indicate any restricted areas and specific parking spaces in order to make the management of your car park work as competently as possible.

You may need sperate signs for:

  • Disabled parking

  • Parent & Child parking

  • Motorcycle parking

  • Restricted zones

  1. All signs must be weatherproof

Car parking signs must stand years of rain, wind, snow, and sunshine. The signs need to be regularly checked for wear and tear.

  1. Signs need to be positioned correctly

The signs need to position correctly at the entrance to any car park and throughout.

  1. All signs must be BPA compliant.

All signs on both public and private car parks need to be BPA compliant following the relevant regulations and codes of practice.

Here at Watch Systems Limited we are highly experienced in car park management, we can provide and advise on the correct signage for your private or public car park.

Contact us today to see how we can transform your car park management scheme here.

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