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The Process of Obtaining a Police Response For Your Monitored Alarm System

Whatever premises you may have whether it be for your business or your home, you want the reassurance that the Police are on route if there is a criminal activity happening. To enable these fast police response, you have to ensure the authorities have been alerted automatically and this is only done if you have a monitored Intruder Alarm system.

To enable your Intruder Alarm System to have a police response:

  • You must register your system and obtain a URN (Unique Reference Number) from the Local Police.

  • Your alarm must also be installed and maintained by a SSAIB approved company such as Watch Systems Limited.

  • You will also have to have your Alarm monitored by an Alarm Receiving Centre who will be able to alert the police when they confirm that the activation is real.

  • Have assigned keyholders to your Intruder Alarm.

If your alarm isn’t kept maintained then it can leave your home or business and the police exposed to false alarms, which then can result in the police suspending your URN. The only way of getting your URN back is to have your alarm upgraded to have an additional confirmation or to have 90 days without false alarms. Having an annual maintenance package from an accredited company such as Watch Systems can solve and reduce the number of false alarms you may have ensuring your Police Response stays intact and so does the safety of your business premises or home demise.

The Police will only monitor your alarm if your alarm is monitored by an NSI or SSAIB approved Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), here at Watch Systems we use East Midlands Monitoring Centre who are based in Nottingham. They have been established since 1987 and are fully accredited to NSI Gold. All alarm services are monitored by their superb team of highly trained experts, who provide rapid response and outstanding level of customer care 24/7 hours a day.

If you have an Intruder Alarm System in place or simply would like one installing with or without a Police response, please do not hesitate to contact us

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