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Top 10 Questions you should be asking your business about its Security

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Crime can have a disastrous effect to both a business and the business owners both physically and emotionally. It’s important to ensure your business is safe and secure.

Here at Watch Systems Limited, we know the ins and outs of keeping your business safe and secure. We have years of experience to ensure we mitigate all the security risks to protect against a helpless attack.

We’ve listed the top ten questions you should be asking yourself as business owners, about the physical building and your internal security systems.

  1. How many valuable assets do you keep on site after hours?

  2. Is it visible from the outside?

  3. How easy would it be for a criminal to get on the roof and from there get into the building?

  4. How well are your basement doors or skylights secured?

  5. How well could your doors and windows withstand a ‘smash-and-grab’ attack?

  6. Is your current alarm system designed for your business needs today or did you inherit it from a previous occupant?

  7. Does the system meet minimum protection guidelines for your line of business?

  8. Has your insurance provider given an opinion on your system?

  9. Is your security alarm monitored by a professional UK based Alarm Receiving Centre?

  10. How many false alarms have you had in the last 12 months?

Our dedicated and expert engineering team are than happy to answer any questions you may have about the above. Watch Systems Limited are committed in providing your business with innovative security solutions ensuring longevity in the protection of your assets.

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