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Feel secure anywhere, any time with app-based Intruder Alarm management

In the age of advanced technology and interconnectedness, the way we secure our properties has evolved significantly. Traditional intruder alarm systems required physical interaction with control panels or remote devices, often causing inconvenience and limitations in terms of accessibility. However, with the emergence of smartphone applications, the way we arm intruder alarm systems has evolved, offering many benefits; we’ve listed our top three below*.

· Convenience

Gone are the days of rushing out of the house only to realise you forgot to arm your alarm system. Smartphone applications allow authorised users to conveniently arm their intruder alarms remotely, with just a few taps on their phone screens. By enabling remote arming, you have the flexibility to control your intruder detection from anywhere and can easily arm the system if it has been forgotten about.

· Remote real-time Monitoring

Smartphone applications for intruder alarm systems offer more than just convenience—they provide invaluable real-time monitoring and instant notifications. By connecting your alarm system to your smartphone, you can receive immediate alerts if a device is triggered and any unauthorised entry is detected. Users can then take prompt action, whether it's contacting authorities or checking a live feed from security cameras that may be installed for visual confirmation.

· Ease of Installation and Intruder Alarm Management

Most modern alarm systems are designed to be easily integrated with smartphone applications and the setup process is usually simple. For example, with Texecom systems, all that’s needed is an additional ‘Smartcom’ module and a reliable broadband connection. Additional users can be added and panel codes can be amended through the application, rather than having to navigate various menus on the system’s keypad. In addition, automated routines can be set up in order to arm the system automatically at scheduled times.


The ability to monitor and control security from anywhere in the world brings a new level of convenience, control and peace of mind, and reinforces the overall safety of your property. As technology continues to advance, we can expect even more innovative features and enhancements in the realm of smartphone-controlled security systems. If you’re looking to invest in a comprehensive intruder alarm solution or have queries about intruder detection, get in touch with our team here. * Remote control via smartphone applications is not recommended for commercial monitored/Police calling alarm systems.

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