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Fly-tipping Solutions for UK Landlords

Fly-tipping in England has reached an all-time high with some areas reporting a 300% increase in fly-tipping incidents since the coronavirus lockdown began in 2020. In particular, vacant buildings and unmanned sites have become a prime target, leading to an increase in landlords and landowners becoming liable for the waste on their premises. This has been a particular concern in cases of hazardous waste, which can cost thousands of pounds to clean up and dispose of.

It’s now estimated that fly-tipping is costing private landowners in England and Wales between £50million and £150million per annum.

The unauthorised ‘dumping’ of waste materials is a serious crime and according to a news report by the BBC, organised criminal gangs are being blamed for the continued rise of large fly-tipping incidents across England.

Not only is fly-tipping illegal, it’s dangerous, it’s polluting our land and it’s costing UK landlords and landowners significant amounts of un-budgeted money to clear away.

Taking Preventative Action

Being well versed in the security challenges that landlords face, bespoke security provider, Watch Systems Ltd have put together a remotely monitored system to deter and capture fly-tipping offenders. The IP CCTV system is specifically designed to monitor any suspicious activity and to capture high quality evidence to secure a conviction. Speaking about the system, Simon Trimmer - Director of Watch Systems Limited said:

“In the last few months, we have been contacted by various landlords who are dealing with the impact of fly-tipping at their premises. Since fly-tipping can happen very quickly and often out of sight, a well-engineered IP CCTV system can catch fly tippers in the act and eradicate the issue for good. Our system is connected to a 24/7 remote monitoring centre, which allows our trained staff to capture, identify and deploy both a security team and Police within minutes of an offence.”

As well as being a deterrent, CCTV surveillance can successfully secure prosecution for criminal gangs who are committing this serious offence. Not only does this solution give landlords and landowners peace of mind, it could potentially save them thousands of pounds.

Is your land or property in a prime location for fly-tippers? With over 30 years’ experience in the security industry, Watch Systems Ltd can help you. Click here for a free quote and site survey.


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