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How Smartphone Access Control technology can protect your business and home

Why is an access control security system so important in 2021?

After a long period of working from home, an increasing number of workers are returning to their offices following the governments’ ease of restrictions in July and the seemingly successful rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine. With many buildings being vacant throughout the lockdown and facing significant problems with trespassers, vandalism and theft, it is more important now than ever that businesses’ security measures are up to date to ensure no further trouble, with everything returning to normal.

One of the key recommendations for commercial buildings and residential property office buildings, is the use of access control systems. This method of entry can limit who has access, during which times and how much they have access to. It is most common through means of a fob or card, which can be distributed to employees in order to enter the premises. By using this type of technology, you are able to know exactly who has accessed the building, at what time and which doors they have passed through, meaning if there’s a problem, it’s easier to determine who might have been involved.

The Paxton 10, a new solution from leading security manufacturer Paxton, is up and coming on the market as a cost effective, user-friendly way to manage the security of your site. This system provides access control and video management via a straightforward app-based platform, meaning everyone can easily manage the security of their site at any time and most importantly, from anywhere, using their smartphone.

New solution uses mobile credentials to keep businesses secure

This convenient management system can host up to 1000 cameras, meaning there no longer exists the need to stare at a monitor in a designated control room to see what’s going on. The same software that provides CCTV footage of what happens on site can then be used to manage and limit access.

An arm wearing a smart watch touching a sensor to gain entry to a locked room

In the event of any forced entry attempts, the system’s corresponding surveillance cameras will capture the event and alert the administrator. Security could not be more convenient.

Not only can the management side of things be done via a smart device, but a smart phone or watch can act as an access device. These smart credentials are easy to issue, free of charge and most importantly, difficult to misplace.

The system also integrates with fire and intruder alarms to simplify building management even further. It is easy to control and monitor the state of alarms within the user interface.

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Leading bespoke security provider Watch Systems Ltd have opted to use the Paxton 10 solution for a range of upcoming projects. It is a highly recommended system, especially for larger sites, due to its integrated nature and remote access. To find out what we would recommend for you and your business, contact us here.

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