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Rapid Deployable Security System that Saves Landlords Thousands of Pounds

Many void or vacant properties are a target for criminal activity. These buildings are often monitored by criminals. If they are seen to be unoccupied and inadequately secured then they are likely to be targets of metal theft. Risk-taking thieves will break in and steal everything from wiring, to piping, to copper boilers.

Metal theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the UK. According to the Guardian, more than 1,000 cases are recorded every week. What makes this a highly prized activity, is the resale value of certain metals, in addition, metals are easily recycled.

Not only is the theft itself a major problem but the damage caused by the criminals is also significant. Entire walls and ceilings can be destroyed from the attempted removal of wires and flooding can occur if pipes are stolen. The impact of the peripheral damage is considerable and this is a crime which causes serious loss and disruption to the property and its owners.

Sadly, as the value of lead and copper continues to soar, it’s fair to assume that the severity of metal theft will also continue to rise, putting more and more buildings and properties in the UK at risk.

What can be done to protect vacant properties from metal theft?

It’s imperative that effective security measures are taken to protect void and vacant properties.

Watch Systems Ltd have designed a wireless system that can cover any size of property, and one that is geared for rapid deployment. This cost-effective solution is battery powered and totally self-sufficient, capable of working independently for up to 9 months. Utilising GSM technology, the vacant property is continuously monitored by Watch Systems 24/7 response centre. This means regardless of the time, no alarm is ever ignored and a fast response team are immediately deployed to the property.

This sophisticated security system is designed to act as deterrent and stop criminals in their tracks, thus preventing criminal activity from escalating.

The deployable wireless monitored system can be rented or purchased outright through Watch Systems Ltd. This is a wise investment when compared to the cost of replacing stolen metalwork, potential damage to property and business or service down-time.

The added benefit of taking security measures like this one, is that landlords will often see a reduction in their previously elevated insurance premiums.

If you are looking to secure a vacant property, Watch Systems Ltd will be happy to provide you with a free quote and site survey.


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