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Remote IP CCTV for City Centre Apartments

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Anyone moving into a flat or an apartment will be keen for there to be an adequate form of protection, to ensure their safety and to deter crime. Multi-occupancy premises such as apartments present a unique security challenge. An increased number of residents, key holders and points of entry make this type of building vulnerable to intruders, and the larger the premises, the more significant the risk factor.

Earlier this year, Watch Systems Ltd, a Birmingham based security provider, were recruited to install a remote IP CCTV system to cover a City Centre residential development.

Normally businesses manage and monitor their CCTV internally, via their facilities team or onsite concierge. However, the Jupiter residential management team opted for a remotely monitored IP CCTV system.

Jupiter Apartments are located in Central Birmingham and are made up of several different residential blocks. Due to the complexity of each design block, planning and preparation was central to installing the remote security system successfully. The team at Watch Systems also gave careful consideration to the cable routes, ensuring that the installation was carried out without any impact on the residents of the apartments.

With more concern and awareness around safety, Watch Systems Ltd have noticed that this remote ‘wireless’ approach seems to be gaining popularity with many different industries.

So, what are the benefits of remote monitoring?

Standing for Internet Protocol, IP CCTV has a far greater resolution than analogue, which is exactly what you need to ensure you can see a quality image so that you can clearly identify individuals. This is ideal for catching criminal activity and addressing threats swiftly.

Since IP CCTV cameras are connected to a network, recordings can be viewed at any time and from site or a remote monitoring location.

The cameras are programmed using analytics to raise an immediate alert if and when a movement or intrusion is detected at predetermined times. They also have very advanced motion analysis algorithms that help to reduce the number of false detections.

By utilising analytics, IP CCTV can cover multiple designated areas throughout the day. This is extremely useful for residential apartments like Jupiter, which have a communal entrance, stairwells, refuge areas and multiple carparks.

Simon Trimmer, Director of Watch Systems Ltd, noted an additional benefit:

In addition to providing residential security, remote IP CCTV also provides security for the City’s landlords. Proper security and surveillance provisions can improve the value of your property and increase demand for rental accommodation.”

Ultimately, remote CCTV monitoring provides peace of mind and is suitable for landlords that want a reliable 24/7 managed security solution.

How can Watch Systems Ltd help you?

We offer a reliable remote monitoring security solution so security threats can be detected, assessed and responded to quickly with minimal false alarms. Key holders and local Police can be deployed efficiently in order to minimise the level of potential disruption and damage to your property and assets. For more information, please click here.


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