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Safeguarding Sustainable Futures with Watch Systems Ltd: The Vital Role of Security Systems in Solar Farm Development

The theme of environmental conservation is a constant presence in our daily lives, encompassing observations of global warming, the escalation of sea levels, and encounters with extreme climate change phenomena. At the county level, migration plans, including environmental taxes, reliefs, and schemes for businesses in the UK, are actively being put into effect ( This includes offering a 100% first-year claim capital allowance, allowing for the deduction of the entire cost from profits before tax when establishing solar power equipment. Additionally, businesses can benefit from the annual investment allowance (AIA) in subsequent years. Have you considered the prospect of establishing a Solar Farm on your land?


Potential security treats for Solar Farm

In contemplating the establishment of a solar farm, while you may find online solar power cost calculators to help plan your investment, have you considered protecting your valuable investment? Security threats include:

  • Solar Panel Thefts

    • Solar panels and cables are prime targets for thieves due to their significant value.

  • Trespassing & Vandalism

    • Large open fields can attract people seeking a break or an outlet for frustrations, potentially leading to vandalism. This may include teenagers looking to impress friends or criminals causing disruption.

  • Isolated Location, ideal for Criminals or Fly-tipping

    • An open field without security measures provides a perfect location for criminals to hide items or engage in fly-tipping.

  • Disgruntled Local Residents

    • While solar power is seen as necessary for environmental protection, some residents in rural areas may protest the intrusion of solar farms, believing it disrupts the natural beauty of the area or affects local wildlife.


Watch Systems Ltd Offers Security Solutions for Your Solar Farm

With tax relief from the UK Government, investing in renewable power supply is a viable option in corporate budget planning. However, it's crucial to consider potential threats to your budget. Watch Systems Ltd recommends including the following services in your solar farm budget:

  • Security Fencing

    • Establishing a perimeter and providing an obstacle to protect your assets.

  • Line-crossing Detection/ Thermal Imaging Detection

    • Line-Crossing Detection operates in real-time, alerting when an object crosses a predefined threshold. By detecting when an object traverses a specified line within a surveillance camera's field of view, this analytic can promptly send alerts and trigger event recordings. Widely employed, this advanced video analytic enables tracking of people or vehicles entering or exiting designated areas, enhancing situational awareness during crowd monitoring or in restricted zones.

    • Safeguarding outdoor assets presents constant challenges in accurately detecting and obtaining detailed information about events as they occur. Thermal imaging detectors offer invaluable assistance in swiftly identifying intruder movement with precision.

  • CCTV Surveillance Systems

    • In an outdoor setting, the selection of cameras, cables, and power supply networks can differ from normal practices. Watch Systems Ltd, with ample experience in setting up outdoor CCTV surveillance systems, also offers solid experience in assisting solar farms with offsite CCTV monitoring 24/7.

  • Access Control

    • Essential for supporting real-life operations.

  • Intruder Alarms Systems with police response

  • Maintenance of integrated security systems


Watch Systems Ltd has significant expertise in establishing security systems for solar farms in Warwickshire. We strongly encourage you to initiate a conversation with Watch Systems Ltd when you are in the planning stages of establishing your own Solar Farm. For more information, click here. 

security advice for solar farm
Watch Systems showcases safeguarding solutions for solar farm.


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