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How can security breaches be mitigated? Access control systems and procedures

Access breaches can pose a significant security risk for organisations, as they can lead to unauthorised individuals gaining access to sensitive information, equipment or facilities.

In order to mitigate the risk of unauthorised entry, businesses should look to consider the following strategies:

1. Implement secure entry and exit procedures, using access control systems

This involves controlling who has access to the premises, and monitoring the movements of employees, contractors, and visitors. Access control systems, such as Paxton Net2, can be implemented to limit who has access to your site, during which times and restrict which areas they have access to. Particularly in multi-tenanted buildings, different businesses may have varying opening hours - having a system in place can help to provide the ability to offer flexible, but secure, access. These systems can also be integrated with other security measures, such as CCTV, to provide a comprehensive security solution.

2. Install security cameras

A CCTV system can help to monitor and record activity within a premises and can provide evidence in the unfortunate event of a security breach. Remotely monitored video surveillance systems allow entire sites to be monitored in real time, with security cameras keeping an eye on entrances and exits, lifts and stairwells, as well as restricted areas, to keep track of daily activities and foot traffic. In the event that anyone attempts to access an unauthorised area,

keyholders can be informed immediately to take action.

3. Conduct regular security assessments

Businesses should conduct regular assessments to identify any weaknesses in their physical security. Most businesses and sites will change processes over time that will affect their risk profile and other environmental issues could also have an impact, such as changes in external factors in the neighbouring areas. Conducting an annual review, or risk report, can help identify any possible security issues and mitigate potential threats. A regular audit of security policies and procedures in place within the business is also beneficial.

4. Stay up to date

Businesses with access control systems in place should ensure that they remain effective and secure, by having them maintained by an accredited security provider. Through annual servicing, access control systems will stay updated with the latest software and hardware upgrades as well as prevent downtime in the event of a fault occurring, which could leave the premises open and vulnerable.

5. Train employees

Employees should be trained on the importance of physical security and the steps they can take to prevent security breaches. This includes educating employees about the proper use of security systems and procedures, addressing things such as tailgating, as well as the importance of reporting any incidents.

By implementing the strategies outlined above, organisations can significantly reduce the risk of security breaches occurring and ensure the security of their facilities, employees, and assets.


Watch Systems Ltd specialise in designing, installing and maintaining bespoke access control systems in a commercial setting. To find out what we would recommend for you and your business, or for a no obligation risk report, contact us here.


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