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Smart ANPR Technology at Icon Harlow

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Watch Systems Ltd, recently completed an ANPR installation across Icon Harlow, a large industrial estate in Essex.

Icon Harlow is a C.505,000 SQ Ft warehouse and logistics development which is situated in the town of Harlow, Essex. Conveniently located just 30 miles north of London, the site has attracted significant interest, resulting in successful lettings.

Industrial estates like Icon Harlow are largely made up of small to medium enterprises, often referred to as the backbone of the UK economy. Due to the large amount of valuable goods that are often present at industrial sites, effective security measures are required to protect business assets, premises and people. In addition, grade A warehouse buildings like those at Icon Harlow are more vulnerable due to their critical infrastructures.

With 80% of the units being occupied at Icon Harlow, Stoford Properties Ltd, one of the UK’s leading property specialists, commissioned Watch Systems Ltd, to design an intelligent ANPR solution that could interface ANPR technology across the various gates and barriers where access is required fairly quickly and frequently.

Commonly used by the Police and Highway Agency, ANPR stands for Automatic Number Plate Recognition, and is a technology that uses cameras in order to read number plates and record data.

Watch Systems Ltd, utilised strategically placed IP cameras and high-speed IP domes, to give users at Icon Harlow the ability to control, monitor and log the access of every vehicle entering the site and to detect unauthorised vehicles. Designed to lower the risk of unauthorised personnel, this system will significantly reduce the risk of theft or vandalism across the site.

Director of Watch Systems Ltd – Simon Trimmer noted an additional benefit:

“ANPR provides a touch-free vehicle access control, meaning that drivers no longer need to physically touch any of the equipment to enter or leave the premises. From a health and safety standpoint, this helps businesses to prevent the spread of viruses and making sure that their premises stay as safe as possible.”

Site Security and Vehicle access control is a critical function delivered by intelligent ANPR technology. This effective and reliable security solution, will keep the Icon Harlow industrial estate running safely and securely, giving the business occupants peace of mind.

Watch Systems Ltd have a long history of providing bespoke industrial security solutions. To find out more about their service, click here.


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