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Video Surveillance Systems (VSS) – CCTV Re-defined

The majority of people know what CCTV is, even if they’re uncertain what the acronym stands for. Security systems comprised of cameras have traditionally been referred to as CCTV, or closed-circuit television systems, and refers to all components and aspects that make the system complete, such as the cameras, monitors, cabling and network infrastructure (if the system is IP), video storage and video management system. Since some systems are no longer ‘closed circuit’, as their data can be viewed remotely over a network connection, these security systems are now being referenced as Video Surveillance Systems (VSS).

As of late 2020, British Standards for the installation of camera systems (BS EN 62676 ) touch upon what has henceforth been known as CCTV, as VSS. Many security installers and maintainers therefore have opted to do the same.

More often than not, Video Surveillance Systems are used with the objective to detect and deter crime, and capture evidence of any crimes that do take place. However, VSS/CCTV systems can also be used for traffic management purposes and even for retail intelligence, with people counting and heatmapping technology.


Watch Systems Ltd understand the importance of keeping your property secure and provide a range of Video Surveillance (CCTV) Systems that provide top quality visuals, including image formatting services and facial mapping. They provide affordable solutions for clients of all sizes. For a free survey of your property, click here.


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