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Why is Security System Maintenance important?

Having a preventative maintenance contract in place for your security systems is fundamental, as a failure in operation could potentially leave your property vulnerable to security risks. Particularly within a business setting, having a maintenance contract with an accredited provider can be the difference between thousands of pounds if your system were to breakdown.

What is preventative maintenance?

Preventative maintenance involves a trained technician visiting a property to inspect the security systems that have been installed, are monitored, or managed by a professional security installer. Generally, service visits are planned for up to 4 times a year, depending on the systems in place at the premises – each contract is tailored to you and your business needs. Taking out a maintenance contract means that equipment is checked regularly, to keep everything working smoothly, and ensures that a skilled engineer can be sent out immediately in the event of a service failure that may arise.

It could be as simple as a change of batteries needed in a PIR detector that’s causing a problem with setting an intruder alarm, or as potentially life-threatening as a failed fire alarm panel, but having measures in place to keep your systems in good shape is always recommended. Much like an MOT on any car, general maintenance such as camera lens cleaning can optimise the performance of your security investment, even on a seemingly healthy system.

The real benefit of having a contract in place with a professional security provider is knowing that you are unlikely to face a great unexpected cost in the event of something going wrong. Callout fees are becoming ever more expensive in the soaring inflation and often, if you are not a contracted customer of the company, your case may not be treated with priority.

What do maintenance service visits involve?

Each accredited service provider will have an extensive checklist of jobs that a preventative maintenance visit includes, to ensure systems are maintained to British Standards. These will be specified on your contract and are tailored to the equipment and systems installed at the site.

With video surveillance systems, this can include but is not limited to things such as: inspecting CCTV equipment for deterioration in finish and ensuring there is no water ingress, as well as installing firmware updates for recording equipment and checking time/date stamp information is accurate. One of the most vital parts of a CCTV maintenance service is ensuring software for the cameras themselves is up to date, including any patches, as, although unlikely, out of date software may allow access to unauthorised individuals and the system could be breached.

If an intruder alarm is installed, and it is monitored by an alarm receiving centre (ARC), a service can involve testing for the correct operation of all ATS paths (where fitted) for correct receipt of signals at the ARC, as well as ensuring the correct synchronisation of site-specific parameters between the intruder alarm system and a secure remote server, for remote checks/support to work.


Watch Systems Ltd are committed to delivering the best after sales support to systems we have installed or taken over. Our innovative maintenance contracts ensure your site are maintained to SSAIB standards and also include a dedicated 15 minutes, or longer, if necessary, to deliver a refresher session on the operation of your electronic security system, which is often missed by security providers. This is hugely beneficial in reducing false alarms from human errors. For more information, you can read our blog post here.


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