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The Food & Beverage Industry – What security risks are there?

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In restaurants and bars there are high risks of theft and slip and fall claims. Security should be one of the biggest priorities for owners of restaurants and bars. It’s an essential to get the safety and security measures up to speed from the moment your business opens.

In order to be protected against all of the security and safety issues you must be aware of them. The main security risks are:

  • Theft

  • Criminal Damage

  • Employee Theft

  • False Slip and fall claims

How Restaurants & Bars Can Protect Themselves From Slip and Fall Claims

With personal injury claims on the rise within this industry, it’s important business to protect themselves against a painful law suit.

It’s important to keep records of incidents that have happened and have an accident book where all details of the event are kept. A lot of claims can be false and especially if there are no witnesses. It’s a good idea to invest in video surveillance across your property to cover the main public spaces – this will allow you to look back on the footage to look in detail any claims that are made.

Security against Cash Theft

A restaurant and bar theft is more likely to become the victim of cash theft more than anything else as usually that’s what holds the most value within the premises.

Ensuring there is an effective access control system implemented to ensure only allowed members of staff is allowed to access certain areas where cash may be deposited overnight can mitigate theft risks from both employees and members of the public.

Implementing an effective Intruder Alarm System can help protect your premises against the risks and help meet your insurance purposes. This can help deter criminals our of hours.

Video surveillance strategically placed over the POS system can mitigate the risk of cash theft by monitoring and recording those who are about to make a theft. You don't need to worry about setting a 'negative and watchful' atmosphere too, as with a modern CCTV installation, you can install these systems discreetly, allowing you to maintain the positive ambience of the room, creating only a positive experience for your genuine customers.

Watch Systems Limited have vast experience within the food and beverage industry and can effectively implement an integrated system in order to deter and restrict crime intrusion. We will work with you to tailor a package to meet your requirements, taking into account levels of risk and deploying a system that will eliminate them. Please don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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