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IP CCTV Analytics Could Save UK Shopping Centres Thousands of Pounds

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Long before Covid-19 restrictions, shopping centres have been experimenting with the best and most effective ways to monitor and track footfall data.

Footfall data monitoring is a valuable tool to analyse customer behaviours, to improve the performance of shopping centres and as a consequence, retail conversion rates.

Traditionally this data has been obtained by employing footfall counters. This method can be expensive and sometimes has many hidden costs. Sadly, many shopping centres are unaware that their existing CCTV security system can be utilised to provide the same data and a lot more. Taking this route changes a surveillance system into a proactive, information gathering, analysis and reporting tool, potentially saving shopping centres thousands of pounds.

Watch Systems Limited, a Birmingham based security provider have been trying to raise this awareness. They are currently working closely with a number of shopping centres in the UK to utilise the shopping centres existing CCTV infrastructure for footfall monitoring purposes.

“IP CCTV provides landlords and retailers with solid data for monitoring and evaluating shopping centres to help benchmark their customer traffic against others in the local area.” Simon Trimmer - Director of Watch Systems Ltd

Much like footfall counting, IP CCTV cameras are configured to monitor a scene and detect when a virtual boundary line is crossed. However, unlike simple footfall counting, video analytics can provide a more accurate reading for retailers that need real-time information linked with other systems that might automatically prevent access until some people have exited a store.

CCTV technology, can use quality recordings for business intelligence such as identifying trends in customer behaviours and heat mapping on the areas that see the most foot traffic and the least foot traffic and the most frequently travelled route through the property.

Cameras can be used to determine the busiest times of day when most footfall is seen, as well as the busiest days, along with long-term trends. This can provide invaluable data to businesses including when extra staff should be deployed to serve customers and when to rota fewer staff on.

Additionally, it provides a method by which to measure many of the practical and emotional aspects of the customer experience.

It goes without saying that Covid-19 has had catastrophic effects on retail. With many UK shopping centres under pressure to increase footfall, utilising intelligent CCTV technology could be an affordable way to achieve broader company goals, ensure a positive customer experience, increase revenues and drive overall business performance.

If you would like to utilise your current CCTV infrastructure, please click here.


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