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Protecting Your Property Refurbishment from Theft

Construction sites are an easy target for thieves and vandals but the security risk increases considerably when businesses have refurbishments and fitouts. High value construction materials, machinery and vehicles are popular targets for theft.

It’s reported that in the UK, commercial theft is an ongoing issue, costing the industry, an estimated £800m per year.

During a commercial fitout, the presence of expensive materials and the lack of effective security can make sites more vulnerable to theft and vandalism. When businesses are hit with theft, not only does this slow down the progress of a refurbishment, there is also the financial impact of replacing or re-hiring the equipment, lost profits, rising interest rate charges on loans and the additional increase in insurance premiums.

Site security can be very difficult to achieve when refurbishments are underway, especially as contractors or tradesman can often leave high value materials on display, and windows and doors of buildings and vehicles open. That being said, simply closing windows and doors, and removing keys from ignitions, is not enough to stop thieves in their tracks.

A multi-layered security solution is the best defence against commercial refurbishment thefts.

Many business owners may choose not to invest in security measures because of the costs involved, but treating security as an afterthought, could leave their businesses vulnerable, costing them more money in the long run.

What are some of the best security solutions?

Perimeter security can help you to keep track of everything on your premises, including who enters your site. This can protect expensive refurbishment materials and items belonging to the tradesmen, including tools, machinery and vehicles. Particularly of interest are new boiler systems and copper/lead pipes. Read more about the rise of metal theft in the UK here.

CCTV is one of the most effective ways of monitoring your business premises. It also plays a vital part in deterring theft and raising alert to any suspicious activity. Most new IP CCTV systems can be accessed remotely via a tablet or phone, allowing you to keep an eye on your business premises 24/7.

Access Control Systems are designed to restrict unauthorised access to your business premises or site. By restricting access to your premises, you can prevent intruders from having access to your materials, equipment and vehicles.

Putting these security measures in place can protect your business against refurbishment theft and other types of crime. It will also keep your insurance premiums down.


Watch Systems Ltd understand the appealing nature of refurbishment sites and how they attract unwanted visitors and theft. They offer a free site survey to assess the individual security needs of your business. To get in touch, click here.


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