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Watch Systems Helps Microteam fight back from COVID-19

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It’s no surprise that COVID-19 has left companies all around the world with problems to solve that no business owner has ever had to contend with before. The challenge has been the same, “how do we get the economy going again”, simply put, the only way to contend with this is to get staff out of furlough and back into the workplace.

In essence, this might sound simple, but with so many factors at play, from, how do we keep everyone safe to what’s our policy if a case is detected within the workplace, it’s not as straight forward as it might seem on the surface.

Microteam is a group of IT professionals that help to design and provide their customers with quality IT solutions that will help maximise their efficiency and reduce the impact to customer resources, whilst creating value and making a difference to their working day.

The management team at Microteam got in touch with Watch Systems to help them get back to work. Our safety and Security experts visited the Microteam site (following all social distancing protocol) to assess the best solution for them.

After careful consideration and consultation with the Microteam management Watch Systems put in place a HikVision bullet camera at the Microteam entrance and introduced a one-way system which would allow both staff and visitors to work safely whilst ensuring government guidelines are followed.

The HikVision bullet camera is a state of the art temperature detecting camera, this allows the team to automatically scan all staff and visitors before entering the building, anyone over the safe body temperature is then asked to go home and arrange a test before returning to the workplace.

By doing temperature checks at the entrance, Microteam has significantly reduced their risk of a Covid-19 outbreak in the workplace and thus making work a safer place for all staff and visitors.

Watch Systems Director, Simon Trimmer commented on working with Microteam stating “it has been a huge privilege to help businesses up and down the country get back to a sense of normality. Microteam were a delight to work with and seeing the business moving again after a never before seen challenge is a real delight”

Microteam Sales & Marketing Director Edward Ratnaraja Also commented “Watch Systems had an immediate answer to our query regarding the monitoring of personal temperature of anyone entering our building. They addressed all the issues that could surround this scenario, in particular the non-invasive, non-contact methodology. This was important to ensure the comfort of our staff and our visitors.

Watch Systems implemented this solution, installing, testing, configuring and training; within an incredibly short timescale. They understood the urgency of the situation and acted professionally and efficiently by return.

Microteam unreservedly recommend Watch Systems.”

If, like Microteam, you are still working out the best ways to keep everyone safe and keep your business moving, then temperature cameras could be a quick and cost-effective solution. You can learn more about our temperature camera offering HERE

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